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This web site is about everything regarding the Spratly Islands: history of Spratly Islands, maps of Spratly Islands, news, photos, the Spratly Islands dispute, claimant's views and policies towards the dispute.

Since the dispute over the Spratly Islands developed after the World War II, the claimants of the Spratlys have been defending their interests in the area. Some are lies and some are facts.

We like to take this chance to study the point views from different claiming countries and tell you which are lies and which are facts. No matter where you come from, what you were told about by your school teachers about this disputes, we welcome you to find out what really happened and what is happening, who is right and who is wrong and whose it should be.

This web site is for any one who is interested in the Spratly Islands issue. You can find information about the Spratly Islands, and share your opinions with us in the Spratly Islands Forums.