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Spratly Islands - China's precious pearls in the South Sea!

The Nansha Islands (南沙群岛, Nansha Qundao, Spratlys, Spratly Islands), is a group of more than 100 islets, reefs, shoals and sand banks scattered over a large area in the southern part of South China Sea. The archipelago stretches for more than 500 nautical miles from north to south to China's southernmost territory of Zengmu Ansha (曾母暗沙, James Shoal). More information about the Nansha Islands ...

Nansha Islands

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Spratly Islands News

China Opposes Malaysia-Vietnam Continental Shelf Submission [2009-05-09]

China has urged a UN commission not to review a submission from Vietnam and a joint submission from Malaysia and Vietnam that question the location of the outer limits of the continental shelf.

.....According to the CLCS Rules of Procedure, "in cases where a land or maritime dispute exists, the commission shall not consider and qualify a submission made by any of the states concerned in the dispute".

With the opposition from China, the CLCS will not consider the joint submission in line with the rules of procedure, a spokesman told Xinhua.

Oil Companies of China, the Philippines and Vietnam signed Agreement on South China Sea Cooperation

Spratlys island joint survey area On 14 March 2005, representatives from national oil companies of China, the Philippines and Vietnam signed a Tripartite Agreement for Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking in the Agreement Area in the South China Sea in Manila.

China Joined ASEAN Treaty on Cooperation China joined ASEAN Treaty on Cooperation Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Reaffirms Sovereignty over Nansha Islands.

April 2004 News Archive: Vietnam Wants to Start Tourism in the Nansha Islands
05 Vietnam-China: Tours, Bird-watching Trigger New Row over Spratlys
09 Vietnam news update
13 Two Vietnamese made composite ships launched
16 China irks over Vietnam's opening of Nansha tourist route
18 Diplomatic storm brews over Spratly Islands with Vietnam boat tour
19 China indignant about Vietnam's tourism to Nansha islands
20 Vietname reaffirms claim to Spratly Islands
20a China opposes Vietnam's tourism to Nansha islands: FM spokesman
20b Vietnam Spratly trip triggers row
22 Vietnam, Malaysia leaders hold talks on building economic ties
22a Vietnam envory summoned over Spratlys boat tours
28 Vietnam signals intention to continue with Spratly tours
29 ASEAN talks bear fruit on Spratly Island Nansha Islands News

Spratly Islands Analysis

The Biased Filipino Media Towards China: Ideology, Spratlys etc

Why the Nansha Islands belongs to China?

A lot of historical materials proves China's sovereignty over the Nansha Islands (Spratlys or the Spraty Islands). China assures her sovereignty over the Nansha Islands also according the the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. *UNCLOS)1981.

Is Joint Development a Possible way out for the disputed Nansha Islands?
China has been calling for a joint development of the South China Sea for many years, while the other parties of the dispute has been reluctant......

Turning the Flashpoints into a Peace Keeping Sea?
Is it really possible to turn the South China Sea from a Flashpoint into a Peace Keeping Sea?

The Japanese Occupation and Withdraw of the Nansha Islands During the World War II, the Japanese seized China's Nansha Islands and used some of these Islands as navy base for some strategic attack on the Philippine and in 1946 they surrendered all rights over these islands. Chinese navy recovered these territories......

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