Spratly Islands of China Spratly Islands belongs to China Spratlys - Nansha Islands (Spratly Islands) of China
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April 2004 English News Index
  • According to date:
    01Vietnam condemns Taiwan over Spratlys construction 
    01a MOFA says no military work conducted on Spratly Islands
    02 R.P. presses China to respect Spratly Code of Conduct
    04 Arroyo reiterates policy on Spratly Islands
    05 VIETNAM-CHINA: Tours, Bird-watching Trigger New Row over Spratlys
    07 Vietnam says Truongsa is Vietnamese sovereignty
    07a Bird watchers, divers, tourists ignite Spratlys row
    09 Vietnam news update
    11  Vientam Defence delegation wraps up visit to Truong Sa
    13 Two Vietnamese made composite ships launched
    13a China once target of Philippine-US joint military exercise
    16 China irks over Vietnam's opening of Nansha tourist route
    18 Diplomatic storm brews over Spratly Islands with Vietnam boat tour
    19 China indignant about Vietnam's tourism to Nansha islands
    20 VIETNAM REAFFIRMS CLAIM TO Spratly Islands 
    20a China opposes Vietnam's tourism to Nansha islands: FM spokesman
    20b Vietnam Spratly trip triggers row
    22 Vietnam, Malaysia leaders hold talks on building economic ties
    23 Code-of-conduct
    28 Vietnam signals intention to continue with Spratly tours
    ASEAN talks bear fruit on Spratly Islands

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