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Conferences and Workshops on South China Sea and Spratly Islands Dispute and Conflict Management

published on www.spratlys.org on 2006-12-31

1. First Workshop on "Managing Potential Conflicts on the South China Sea", held in Bali, Indonesia among ASEAN states on 22-24 Jan 1990, orgnized by Indonesia with the assistance of Canada informal

2. Second Workshop on Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea, held in Bandung, in July 1991, China participated in this workshop, unofficial

3. Third Workshop on South China Sea, conference held in Yogyakarta, July 1992

4. Fouth South China Sea Workshop, held in Surabaya, August 1993

5. Fifth Workshop on South China Sea, held in Bukittinggi, 26-28 October 1994, Cambodia joined this conference

6. Sixth Workshop on South China Sea, Balikpapan, 9-13 October 1995

7. Seventh South China Sea Workshop Workshop, held in Batam, Indonesia on 13-17 December 1996

8. Eighth South China Sea Workshop, held in Pacet Puncak, Indonesia, on 2-6 December 1997

9. Ninth SCS Workshop, Ancol, Jakarta, 1-3 December 1998

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