Spratly Islands of China Spratly Islands belongs to China Spratlys - Nansha Islands (Spratly Islands) of China
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The Occupation Status of Spratly Islands of China by all Claimants

1. Estimated Occupational Forces in Taking Control of the Spratly Islands

Claimant Country Number of Islands Occupied and Some Key Features/Buildings Estimated Number of Troops
China (People's Republic of China, PRC) 7 islands and reefs; several helicopter pads 260
Taiwan, Province of China 1 island with helicopter pads; plans for runway 100
Vietnam over 20 islands; with 600m runway on Spratly Island (Nanwei Dao) 600
Philippines 8 islands; one with a 1,300-meter runway 480
Malaysia 4 islands; one with a 600-meter runway 70



Vietnam reportedly sent troops to seize two additional submerged reefs in the Spratly Islands (probably Orleana Shoal and Kingston Shoal on Rifleman Bank) in September 1998 and Malaysia constructed new facilities at Investigator Shoal in June 1999. These actions could increase the number of occupied locations in Table 1.1 to about 49 occupied locations in the Spratly Islands. A classified U.S. government report obtained by the Kyodo news agency placed the number of Chinese troops in the Spratlys in 1999 at 325. See Dario Agnote, "China to Continue Military Buildup in Spratly Islands," Washington Times, (October 22, 1999), A14.

2. Occupied Locations among the Spratyly Islands, circa 2000

Occupying Country Feature Name (English) Feature Geo-location (lat/long) North East Name in Occupying Country Language
Malaysia Adasier Reef 7o7' 113o6' Terumbu Ubi
  Investigator Shoal 8o8' 114o2' Terumbu Peninjau
  Mariveles Reef 7o9' 113o4' Terumbu Montanani
  Swallow Reef 7o3' 113o8' Terumbu Layang Layang,Pulau Layang-Layang
Philippines Commodore Reef 8o1.5' 115o3.5' Rizal Reef
  Flat Island 10o9.5' 115o0' Patag
  Lankiam Cay 10o3' 114o2' Panata
  Loaita Island 10o0' 114o5.5' Dagahoy Dugao
  Nanshan Island 10o4' 115o8.5' Lawak
  Northeast Cay 11o7.5' 114o1' Parola
  Thitu Island 11o3.2' 114o7' Pagasa
  West York Island 11o5.5' 115o1.5' Likas
PRC Chigua Reef 9o5' 114o9' Dongmen Jiao
  Cuarteron Reef 8o1.5' 112o0' Huayang Jiao
  Fiery Cross Reef 9o3' 112o3' Yongshu Jiao
  Gaven Reef 10o2.5' 114o3' Nanxun Jiao
  Johnson Reef(S) 9o2.7' 114o6.8' Chigua Jiao
  Mischief Reef 9o5' 115o2' Meiji Jiao
  Subi Reef 10o5.5' 114o5' Zhubi Jiao
Taiwan Ita Aba Island 10o3' 114o1.5' Tai Ping Dao
Vietname Allison Reef 8o9' 114o6' Bai Toc Tan
  Amboyna Cay 7o3.8' 112o5' Dao An Bang
  Barque Canada Reef 8o0' 113o0' Chaw Shai/Chan Chai
  Bombay Castle (Rifleman Bank) 7o6' 111o0' --
  Central Reef 8o5' 112o1' Con Guia/Trong Sa Dong
  Collins Reef (Johnson Reef-N) 9o5' 114o3.7' Bai Vung May/Co Lin
  Cornwallis South Reef 8o3' 114o1' Da Nui Le/Nut'le
  Discovery Great Reef 10o4' 113o1' Da Lon
  East Reef 8o9' 112o6' Con Dong/Da Dongs
  Grainger Bank 7o7' 110o8' Bai Que Duong
  Kingston Shoal* 7o3' 111o5' -
  Ladd Reef 8o7' 111o0' Da Lat
  Len Dao 9o6' 116o3.8' -
  Namyit Island 10o1' 114o2' Nam Yit/Nam Yet
  Orleana Shoal* 07o42' 111o45' -
  Pearson Reef 8o7' 113o0.5' Hon Sip/Hon Sap
  Pentley Reef 10o4.5' 114o5' Do Thi
  Pigeon Reef 8o1.8' 114o9.2' Da Tien Nu
  Prince Consort Bank 7o3' 110o0' Bai Phuc Nguyen
  Sand Cay 10o2.7' 114o8.7' Da Son Ca
  Sin Cowe Island 9o3.2' 114o9.7' Dao Sinh Ton/Gac Ma
  Sin Cowe East Island 9o4.8' 114o3.5' Sinh Ton Dong
  South Reef 11o3.2' 114o7.9' Da Nam
  Southwest Cay 11o5.8' 114o9.7' Dao Song Tu Tay
  Spratly Island 8o8.5' 11o5' Dao Truong Sa
  Vanguard Bank 7o1.7' 109o3.7' Bai Tu Chinch
  West Reef 8o1' 112o2' Con Tay/Da Day

* Vietnam reportedly sent troops to seize two additional submerged reefs in the Spratly Islands (probably Orleana Shoal and Kingston Shoal on Rifleman Bank) in September 1998, but there has been no firm information on these actions. In comaprison, Malaysia's move to construct facilities at Investigator Shoal in June 1999 has been well documented.

--Materials from "Cooperative Monitoring in the South China Sea", 2002, edited by John C. Baker and David G. Wiencek, Praeger Publishers, Westport, Connecticut London