Spratlys - Nansha (Spratly) Islands of China

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Spratly Islands History

  1. Jurisprudential Evidence To Support China's Sovereignty over the Nansha Islands
    (published by Chinese Foreign Ministry on November 17, 2000)
  2. Historical Truongsa Islands as claimed by Vietnam is not the Spratly Islands
    Studies Show Real Geographical of Vietnamese Claimed Historical Truong Sa & Hoang Sa Archipelagos are Not today's Spratlys and Paracels
    (Studies revealed the real locations of the Vietnamese 'Truong Sa' and 'Hoang Sa')
  3. Spratly Islands History Timeline(updated regularly, last update on 23 December 2007)
    The Spratly Islands Historical Timeline, from the earliest records in around 200BC until today.
  4. South China Sea islands under Japanese Occupation Period of World War II

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