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Guangxi fishermen receive state subsidies for fishing in Spratlys region

Guangxi Ribao, Nanning, in Chinese 26 Jan 01

Text of report by Song Chunfeng, carried by Chinese newspaper Guangxi Ribao on 26 January

Leaders of aquatic products departments in Beihai and Qinzhou cities and Hepu County 19 January received a total of 2.26m yuan on behalf of local fishermen from the Nanhai Fishery and the Fishing Port Supervisory Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture as subsidies for diesel oil costs of fishermen who operate in the Nansha Qundao [Spratly Islands].

The development and utilization of fishery resources in Nansha Qundao are of very important significance to protecting the sovereignty of territorial waters and maritime rights and promoting the development and protection of fishery resources. Judging from the development of ocean fishery, the development of the Nansha Qundao fishing area is an important way to alleviate the pressure of offshore fishery resources and also to assure the stability of ocean fishing in the region following the demarcation of boundaries in Beibuwan by China and Vietnam.

Last year, with the concerted efforts of fishery administrative departments at various levels and the broad masses of fishermen, fishing units in this region overcame all kinds of difficulties and continued to direct fishing boats to operate in the Nansha Qundao. This archipelago [Chinese: qundao] has a total of 121 fishing boats that can operate in Nansha Qundao and last year 82 private fishing boats went to the Nansha Qundao for fishing operation.

In order to protect our country's sovereignty of territorial waters and maritime rights, concerned departments continued preferential policies for fishing operation in the Nansha Qundao and, starting last year, the Ministry of Agriculture further increased economic support to fishing boats that operated in the Nansha Qundao and raised subsidies for diesel oil by a great extent. In 2000, the special subsidies for this region reached 4.2m yuan, including 1.94m yuan for state-owned fishing companies and 2.26m yuan for private fishing boats. The amounts of subsidies issued to private fishing boasts in Beihai City, Qinzhou City and Hepu County were 1.4m yuan, 610,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan respectively. The money will be promptly given to private fishing boats in full, strictly according to regulations.