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Malaysia detains 16 Chinese fishermen for poaching(2004-5-4)
Tuesday May 4, 10:47 AM
Malaysia detains 16 Chinese fishermen for poaching, find 160 dead sea turtles on boat

Malaysia's marine police arrested 16 Chinese fishermen for suspected poaching after discovering about 160 dead endangered sea turtles aboard a trawler, officials and news reports said Tuesday.

A patrol boat intercepted the suspects Sunday in a rich Malaysian fishing ground in the South China Sea off the northeast coast of Borneo island, a fisheries department spokesman in Sabah state said on condition of anonymity.

The fishermen were believed to have poisoned the waters with cyanide to catch the turtles, which were meant to be sold as decorative ornaments, the spokesman told The Associated Press.

Malaysia's waters are visited by four of the world's seven sea turtle species _ the giant leatherback, the green, the hawksbill and the olive ridley. All seven are listed as endangered or threatened with extinction.

The poachers, who were from China's southern island province of Hainan, would be charged with illegally entering Malaysian waters and catching endangered species, The Star newspaper reported.

source: http://asia.news.yahoo.com/040504/ap/d82bg8f06.html