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Brunei Online Press War games near Spratlys, communist stronghold, 11 Feb 2004
Manila likely to accept US plan to increase troops–DFA,11 Feb 2004
U.S. War Games Not Related To Disputed Island: Arroyo, 11 Feb 2004
Spratlys Map of China Correction Campaign 2003-06-10
Maps of China found on internet contains a lot of politicaly wrong information, we shall take our part to help to correct this...

ASEAN talks bear fruit on Spratly Islands
GoAsiaPacific.com, Asia - 29 Apr 2003
China is keen to promote political and economic links with its southern neighbours but a simmering dispute over ownership of the Spratly Islands ...

'Code of conduct' for disputed islands
bbc.co.uk -
South-East Asian states and China sign a code of conduct aimed at avoiding conflict over the disputed Spratly Islands.
Vietnam celebrates claim to Spratley islands 
ABC Radio Australia News
10/04/2003 22:56:31
Vietnam has celebrated what it calls the 28th anniversary of...
Defense wants to buy 3 warships
Manila Standard - April 7, 2003 1:18am
The Department of National Defense is seeking exemption from....
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